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솔트케이크의 전문성과 아이디어는 세계시장에서 인정받고 있으며 세상에 없던가치의 전달로 전 세계인을 움직이고 있습니다.

Samsung Galaxy 4S Film
Samsung Rex Global Promotion Website
Samsung Application (Confidential)
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Microsite
Samsung Conference Call App
Samsung E-book & E-meeting App
Samsung Monitor Promotion Site
Samsung Galaxy Note Microsite
Samsung Galaxy Beam Microsite
Samsung Galaxy Tab Microsite
Samsung OMNIA7 Promotional Site
Samsung Apps International Promotion
Samsung ‘End of Year’ Global Promotion
Samsung OMNIA Pop Japan Promotion
Samsung Vancouver Olympic UI&GUI
Samsung P10 Camcoder GUI
Samsung STRATUS-S Promotion Film
Samsung BUDDY Promotional Film
Samsung GLYDE2 Promotional Film
Samsung V-JET Promotional Film
Samsung YOUNGSTERS Promotional Film
Samsung U800&U700 Tutorials
Samsung DX200 Camcoder GUI
Samsung NHX100 Camcoder GUI
Samsung Card Online Consulting
Samsung Construction Apartment Marketing
Samsung MX200 Camcoder GUI
Samsung HMX20 Camcoder GUI
Samsung DX100 Camcoder GUI
Samsung DOMA Offcial Website
Samsung ARMANI Promotion Film
Samsung Life Design Consulting
Samsung Card Design Consulting
Samsung Card Intranet System
Samsung SDS Home Networking UI&GUI

and lots more…

SK telink Website 2017 Renewal
SK Telink Official Website
SK Gas Official Website
SK Group Official Website
SK Telink MVNO network upgrability
SK Telink MVNO Hybrid App
SK E&S Digital Marketing
SK Innovation Website
SK Careeers Portal Site
SK Telink 00700 App
SK Petrochimical Website
SK Innovation Linkedin Promotion
SK E&S Renewal Consulting
SK Group Digital Marketing
SK Group Brochures
SK Hana Card Identity Design
SK Innovation mIES UX/UI Design
SK Holdings Brochures
SK E&S Billing System
SK Biopharmaceuticals Official Website
SK Win-Win Cooperation Website
SK Ethics Managment Website
SK Energy Official Website
SK Global Chemical Official Website
SK Holdings Finance System Site
SK Document Managment System Site
SK C&C Brand consulting & Website
SK Energy Brand Net Website
SK lubricants Official Website
SK Holdings GTM Website & Consulting
SK Telecom GP Device UI&GUI
SK Communications Cyworld Asia Area design consulting
SK Communications Cyworld German site
SK Communications Cyworld Vietnam site

and lots more…

KT RCS (JOYN) PC Client Application
KT Rental Jeju Campagin
KT Kumho Rent a Car Website
KT Kumho Rent a Car : Car Sharing
BI & Brochure
KT Rental G Market Digital Marketing
KT Khumo Portal renewal
KT Khumo Digital Marketing
KT CSR Digital Marketing
KT Khumo Brochure
KT RCS PC Client Application
KT Khumo App Renewal
KT Khumo Leaflet
KT Touch NFC Upgrade UI/GUI Renewal
KT Olleh UX/UI Design Guideline
KT olleh Mobile UX Consulting & Guideline
KT Annual Partnership Contract (UX Design)
KT Devices Special UI Consulting
KT Netspot UI&GUI
KT WIBRO Message service App

and lots more…

LGU+ Company Website
LGU+ Official Website
LGU+ UXUI Consulting
LGU+ Technical Write Consulting
LG Powercom Online Consulting

and more…

Hyundai Bluelink Renewal Website
Hyundai Blue Members IMC
Hyundai Powertech Website
HMC Germany Worldcup Official Microsite
Tucson Digital Marketing & Microsite

and more…

KIA Motors Brand kit
KIA Uvo Renewal Website
KIA Q Members IMC
KIA Motors New Canival
Kia Optima Digital Marketing & Microsite
Kia Optima Mobile Advertising
Kia Motors Funkia Website

and more…

Genesis Owners Application
Genesis Owners Application Maintenance

Hyundai LNG Shipping IMC
Hyundai LNG Shipping Official Site

Lotte rent-a-car Re-Branding
Lotte rent-a-car Renewal Website

EBS ‘Little Cooking’ Class IMC Marketing
EBS Nuri Digital Marketing
EBS KSAT Textbook Cover Design
EBS TV schedule Book Design
EBS Shopping Bag Design
EBS  Digital Guidebook
EBS KSAT Brochure

MiraeAsset Group Official Website
MiraeAsset Group Official Website Maintenance
MiraeAsset Investment Official Site
MiraeAsset Investment Official Site Maintenance

Fidelity International IMC Marketing
Fidelity Official Site Maintenance
Fidelity Promotion Film

KBS ‘I am Korea’ IMC Marketing
KBS ‘I am Korea’ Promotion Microsite

MBC iMnews UX Consulting
MBC iMnews Official Site

T-Broard Official Site
T-Broard Shopping Mall


솔트케이크의 전문성과 아이디어는 세계시장에서 인정받고 있으며 세상에 없던가치의 전달로 전 세계인을 움직이고 있습니다.


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