Posco Engineering & Construction won the 1st place in Web Award Korea in 2021

Posco E&C’s homepage( won 1st place in the ‘18th Web Award Korea’ held by KIPEA.    ‘Web Award Korea 2021’ is an award ceremony that appoints excellent and innovative web services. In 2021, 191 companies in 74 different fields participated. Through analyzing types of homepage users, Posco E&C were able to compose contents that are favorable …

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ICT Award KOREA 2021 Grand Prize

Saltcake exhibited the PC and mobile website of Hyundai Engineering & Construction on ICT AWARD KOREA 2021 and got Grand Prize Hyundai Engineering & Construction‘s website provides the most optimized UI to users based on enhanced information accessibility. Especially, numerous well-known organizations and companies such as Naver, Kakao, and Gyeonggi-do sponsor ICT AWARD, which makes …

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NH Nonghyup Digital Academy

NH Nonghyup Bank started to build the ‘NH Digital Banking Platform’, it made a winning move in the digital financial competition market. NH Nonghyup Bank plans to make investments throughout its entire company to strengthen its core capabilities in digital markets. NH Nonghyup Bank will establish the ‘NH Digital Banking Platform’ that includes introducing new …

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Creative director seminar

Saltcake had a seminar on 2019 Creative Director Seminar in POSCO Tower. Numerous directors from digital creative companies who were chosen from KIPFA talked about changes in the digital environment and the future of digital design. Furthermore, they introduced various project cases and know-how for improving multiple experiences and abilities, which were meaningful moments and …

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Jun.2019 SALTCAKE Advertisement

Summer Solstice is the day when Sun reaches its highest position in the sky This is the day with the longest period of daylight and the ground is hotter than usual This will raise the temperature and becomes very hot.   – At times like this, stay healthy and be happy  

Apr.2019 SALTCAKE Advertisement

Spring has come after harsh winter Going picnic with spring breeze in perfect weather New semester, new career, although it makes me busy I can be with you that makes me happy   -That’s what spring is about-  

All new Business card!

Saltcake proceeds to improve its brand marketing based on recent CI trends. Not only the website, but they also remodeled their business card that gives a good first impression and shows the brand’s identity clearly. We expect to form solid and sincere relationships through this new business card.

Saltcake Re-Branding! HCD & CX/UX Consultancy

Saltcake is the company that endeavors to lead brand equity and provides ideal brand experience to their clients and customers with their various know-how in the industry. Based on differentiated brand and marketing strategies in the drastic marketing environment, Saltcake tries to cover the entire process including creative ideas, modern technologies. Saltcake constantly proves its …

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