Creative director seminar

Saltcake had a seminar on 2019 Creative Director Seminar in POSCO Tower.

Numerous directors from digital creative companies who were chosen from KIPFA talked about changes in the digital environment and the future of digital design. Furthermore, they introduced various project cases and know-how for improving multiple experiences and abilities, which were meaningful moments and helpful to consider about going one step forward towards current design-related issues.

For a fun and effective approach in explaining the creative process that is involved in achieving the optimal UX, she has metaphorically related to the sleeping temperature. In order to reach the optimal temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, a person should start at 16 degrees and move one degree up at a time. Youngri Kim has made the lecture more interesting and interactive on the topic that could be boring.

Based on numerous project experiences through collaborations, She shared her own know-how to create the most satisfying outcome with maintaining a solid relationships with clients. Moreover, she concluded the lecture by giving the topic that companies should endeavor to provide the happiest user experience to customers who can be ultimate clients.


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