Saltcake Re-Branding! HCD & CX/UX Consultancy

Saltcake is the company that endeavors to lead brand equity and provides ideal brand experience to their clients and customers with their various know-how in the industry.

Based on differentiated brand and marketing strategies in the drastic marketing environment, Saltcake tries to cover the entire process including creative ideas, modern technologies. Saltcake constantly proves its value and expertise through pursuing human-centered keywords such as HCD(Human-Centered Design) and CX(Consumer eXperience/UX(User eXperience) as first priority.

Saltcake also changes its brand slogan in terms of drastic changes around the world. They change their catchphrase into “We make a brand new paradigm shift in HCD & CX/UX through innovation and creativity.” This catchphrase implies Saltcake’s strong motive to lead the transition in the paradigm of HCD & CX/UX. Especially, through emphasizing the word, CX, it clearly shows the point where they aim and look forward to it.

Interview with Executive Creative Director at Saltcake, Youngri Kim

“We create our third CI that is easy to remember and includes implication of corporate culture and corporate value in 2019. In consideration of the user experience consulting and human-centered design, we want to provide optimal consulting with interacting with consumers and preparing unexpected future experiences.”


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