HCI Korea. User Experience Speech for the Next Generation

The starting point to reach UX 20℃, 16℃ is understanding corporate culture. The vision which includes the long-term vision of the company, the slogan including short-term goals and the leader who can persuade the design is the three starting points to reach UX20℃. For 17℃, people have to collect long-term strategies and constant updates of the current status of the company. You can use articles, magazines, and reports as updated materials. Don’t forget to check customers’ feedback through SNS.

18℃, the company should understand the brand value. It will be helpful to form guidelines for the future by checking identity clearly. Spreading out BI, Logo, Slogans in one place will be helpful to find out design strategies.

19℃, Benchmarking is all about. A company should consider not only the structure of rival companies and the same industry, but also overall services in similar platforms. You can find hints from related service areas with considering the harmonization of trends and technologies at the same time. It will be helpful to create Look & Feel strategies.

Lastly, 20℃, the company should check out the current status of service and contents and points that need improvement. It will lead to the designing of ideal strategies in the scope of creativity.

If you want to give a user-friendly experience to your customers? Let’s get closer to clients with UX20℃ strategies.  

Reference : http://www.ditoday.com/articles/articles_view.html?idno=22268


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