ICT Award KOREA 2021 Grand Prize

Saltcake exhibited the PC and mobile website of Hyundai Engineering & Construction on ICT AWARD KOREA 2021 and got Grand Prize

Hyundai Engineering & Construction‘s website provides the most optimized UI to users based on enhanced information accessibility.

Especially, numerous well-known organizations and companies such as Naver, Kakao, and Gyeonggi-do sponsor ICT AWARD, which makes an award to be more meaningful.

Saltcake looks forward to maximizing user-friendly experience by focusing on effective UIUX strategies continuously.

Reference: 솔트케이크, 사용자 중심 UI 중심으로 ICT Award KOREA 2021 경기도지사상 수상 – DIGITAL iNSIGHT 디지털 인사이트 (ditoday.com)


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