Official Launch of ‘Salty’ and ‘Cakey’ on Line Emoji: Communication Tools for Global Users

On May 29th, Saltcake officially launched its representative characters ‘Salty’ and ‘Cakey’ as Line emojis. Through this release, Saltcake provided users with a more diverse communication tool.

‘Salty’ and ‘Cakey’ of Saltcake are charming characters inspired respectively by salt and cake, receiving positive responses from various user groups. For this Line emoticon release, Saltcake planned and designed a total of 24 emojis, effectively reflecting everyday emotions and situations through diverse expressions and gestures of each character.

Saltcake hopes that through this LINE emoticon release, ‘Salty’ and ‘Cakey’ will become more familiar to global users and plans to actively incorporate user feedback to introduce even more diverse emojis and content in the future.

The launched emojis are available in the LINE Emoticon Store, providing users with an opportunity to easily encounter Saltcake’s appealing characters. Saltcake is committed to ongoing creative and delightful character development, enhancing communication with users and elevating brand value. Emoticon release is part of these efforts, with plans to continue delighting users across various platforms.

This LINE emoticon release is expected to significantly contribute to improving brand awareness and enhancing user experience, and Saltcake aims to expand its presence in the global market through further diverse character development and content in the future.


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