Busan Metropolitan City & Busan IT Industry Agency Speech

In 2018 August through September, Saltcake had a seminar for SEAGULL: SW Establishment Accelerator, Global, UnLimited, Leading teaching soon-to-be Startup CEOs about UXUI. The SEAGULL program is held by Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency Centum SW Convergence Cluster where it provides lectures for young start-ups from ideation to financing.

Compared to the past, The future Startup CEOS in SEAGULL program already have various business items such as smart logistics, security, and FinTech. Executive Creative Director in Saltcake had the session about UIUX, SW Convergence processes by considering trends and their needs.

Even though it was a long journey between Seoul and Busan, it was a meaningful moment to support soon-to-be Startup CEOs’ plans and future dreams.


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