Caker’s Day: April 2024​



April 2024’s Caker’s Day was truly special. Considering the upcoming busy schedules of our company employees, this internal event was arranged to provide a time for delicious meals and team building. As always, we gathered at a new and fantastic location, and this time was no exception. We could feel how special this day was, thanks to the thoughtful care from our CEO.

We had a wonderful time enjoying delicious meals together, creating moments of happiness. Additionally, during the team building session, we shared stories and cherished valuable communication time. Through this Caker’s Day, we realized the importance of staying connected and closer despite the busy schedules of our team members.

We express our gratitude for our CEO’s meticulous care and attention, and we will continue to treasure these precious moments together. We will value the time spent with our team members even more. We hope that these days spent together will significantly contribute to the growth and development of our team. As we journey towards a better future together, let’s continue to support each other and move forward hand in hand.


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