Caker's Day: December 2023



December 2023’s Caker’s Day was a precious moment shared together as we bid farewell to the year. During this party, we enjoyed delicious food and had a great time together. Additionally, we prepared a secret special award ceremony to express our gratitude to outstanding employees and our CEO for their excellent achievements throughout the year.

It was a time to reminisce about both the challenging moments and the joyful experiences we shared throughout the year. We expressed gratitude for overcoming difficulties together and achieving success as a team.

As we spent the last moments of 2023 together, we feel proud of how we supported and collaborated with each other to overcome everything. Looking forward, we anticipate brighter and happier moments awaiting us in 2024. We look forward to achieving even greater success, sharing more moments together, and experiencing a happier year ahead. Let’s remember that anything is possible when we’re together and continue our journey together into the future.

#Closing Ceremony


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