Caker’s Day: January 2024



January 2024’s Caker’s Day was a precious moment to reflect on the beginning of the new year and enjoy a joyful time together. We set our New Year’s resolutions and shared our commitments to work together towards them, all while savoring delicious food and desserts.

This Caker’s Day was especially meaningful as we welcomed new team members. It was a valuable opportunity to engage in many conversations and get to know our new colleagues better. The meeting with new colleagues injected fresh energy into our team and served as a catalyst for reaffirming our commitment to work hard together for better results in the new year.

In 2024, we will encourage and support each other to work even harder. We look forward to actively embracing new challenges, growing together, and achieving better results. We hope that these moments spent together will contribute significantly to the growth and development of our team. As we journey towards a better future together, let’s support and encourage each other every step of the way.

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