Caker’s Day: October 2023



October 2023’s Caker’s Day was a special experience shared with good people amidst the cooling autumn breeze as the heat of summer faded away. Gathering in a serene spot amidst the mountains, we enjoyed delicious food and had a delightful time. Furthermore, it was an even more special day as it coincided with Mr. Kim’s birthday.

As we admired the scenery of the mountains, we engaged in joyful conversations and shared delicious food, creating precious memories together. Then, while gazing at the Bukhan River, we spent happy moments listening to each other’s stories. Over a cup of coffee, we shared valuable experiences, strengthening the unity of our team through team-building activities.

This Caker’s Day brought great joy to everyone, being blessed with good weather and good company. These moments spent together will remain cherished memories for our team, igniting vitality and passion for future challenges. We will strive to achieve better teamwork and accomplishments based on these shared experiences.

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