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Companies are integrating various systems to enhance operational efficiency and respond to market dynamics. Amidst these changes, sustainable management has become an indispensable strategic focus. In this context, we present the Hyundai MOBIS Social Responsibility Platform Project by Saltcake, shedding light on the significance of these management strategies and showcasing practical implementation cases. This initiative reflects our commitment to sustainable practices, promoting Saltcake's dedication to responsible corporate citizenship.

Hyundai MOBIS is a global automotive parts company leading the era of smart mobility by focusing on autonomous driving, connectivity, and electrification. We realize a safe and convenient driving environment through three modules (chassis, cockpit, and front end), are at the forefront of the global mass production competition for hydrogen electric vehicles and provide differentiated mobility solutions by combining software and hardware.

Beyond corporate responsibility, the importance and impact of social contributions

With the growing prominence of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors, awareness of corporate social responsibility (CSR) is strengthening. CSR is a strategic approach where companies pursue economic performance while carefully considering their impact on society and the environment. 

This strategy is implemented through various policies and mechanisms, which may provide incentives to companies or take the form of regulations as needed. Furthermore, CSR is increasingly utilized as a critical criterion in evaluating companies by investors.

While awareness and regulatory standards regarding CSR vary from country to country, it is generally recognized as an essential strategy in corporate management. Among these strategies, social contribution activities stand out as a core element of CSR, holding significant importance in CSR evaluations. These social contribution activities go beyond personal fulfillment and societal value; they serve as a link between a company’s employees, customers, and brand, a role substantiated by various studies and statistics.

Table – Corporate Values of Social Contribution Activities
* Nielsen ‘Global Survey on Corporate Social Responsibility’, Cone Communications ‘Social Impact Study’, Forbes ‘Corporate Philanthropy The New Paradigm: Volunteerism. Competence’

Hyundai MOBIS employs over 12,000 individuals across 82 facilities nationwide and maintains a presence in more than 20 countries worldwide. Given its extensive operational reach, the company places special emphasis on community-centric social contribution activities.

However, Hyundai MOBIS faced challenges in efficiently engaging and managing social contribution activities due to the absence of a systematic management system. Expanding employee participation and establishing a cyclical structure through rewards was proved challenging without a central management system. In response to these issues, Hyundai MOBIS considered the development of an online platform that allows employees to voluntarily plan and execute creative social contribution activities, aiming to address these challenges effectively.

Strategy and Implementation of the CSR Platform

Saltcake’s UI/UX consultants, after analyzing the social contribution activity platforms of domestic and international companies, have identified primarily two approaches. The first involves companies building their own platforms, while the second involves utilizing existing solution services. According to this analysis, overseas companies tend to be more active in utilizing solution services, whereas domestic companies predominantly provide such platforms through portals or public services.

CSR Platform Benchmarking( ‘•’ – Best Practice): Saltcake – 2023

Furthermore, notable examples come from global IT companies that have achieved remarkable outcomes by integrating social contribution strategies with their corporate culture. For instance, Microsoft operates a separate platform for donations and talent contributions, alongside a volunteer PTO system to encourage employees’ talent contributions. Samsung provides various rewards, including certificates, incentives, training opportunities, and financial support. Google actively engages with national and local communities in its initiatives.

Saltcake has compiled seven key elements for the success of a corporate employee participation social contribution platform by referencing other case studies and research papers.

Social Contribution Journey Unfolding through User-Centric Design

The development project of Hyundai MOBIS’ social contribution activity platform was conducted with a focus on the 7 key elements for the success of social contribution platforms. The essential core of this project was designing the user experience journey, thoroughly considering how to structure the experience at each stage to realize these 7 success factors effectively.

Bi-Modal Cyclical UX Design: Saltcake – 2023

While the user experience journey is commonly designed with a focus on the front-end, Hyundai MOBIS, recognizing the importance of voluntary employee participation, incorporated meticulous design elements for administrators. The role of administrators is crucial in discovering and leading social contribution activities. To address this, a ‘Bi-Modal Cyclical UX Design’ was introduced, allowing participants and administrators to be interconnected even in different systems, facilitating seamless collaboration towards a common goal.

Furthermore, we conducted an analysis of Action & Service, Pain Points, Needs, Expectations, and other factors at each user experience stage. Based on this analysis, we created a User Activity Matrix to understand the key behavioral patterns of users. This analysis greatly assisted in UI flow and information architecture design, contributing to the creation of a richer and more differentiated user experience.

User Activity Matrix: Saltcake – 2023

In Hyundai MOBIS’ social contribution activity system, the User Activity Matrix allowed the discovery of various user scenarios. There was a particular focus on interactions between administrators, participants, and the system. Recognizing that these interactions could significantly impact the 7 key success factors of the social contribution activity platform, several strategies were concretized based on this understanding.

The 3 Pillars: Participate, Innovate, Communicate

The Hyundai MOBIS Social Contribution Activity Platform project aims to promote employee participation in social contribution activities through three concrete UIUX strategies: engagement and leadership, user-friendly design, and communication and participation. The project seeks to foster positive experiences through the platform and contribute to the development of corporate culture.

01. Engagement and Leadership

In this context, the focus is on creating an environment where employees can voluntarily participate and take active roles. Unlike approaches such as Google’s, where social contribution activities are directly generated on the frontend, Hyundai MOBIS enables employees to create and manage social contribution activities with restricted access to the administrator system. Additionally, to facilitate easy access to the administrator system for users, a frontend with a UI similar to the administrator system have been developed to provide a consistent user experience (UX). The aim is to make social contribution activity participation a seamless and enjoyable experience.

UX writing sample – Input guide & Email top message: Saltcake – 2023

02. User-Friendly Approach

“User-Friendly Approach,” emphasizing usability and user benefits, is a core element in the design of Hyundai MOBIS’ social contribution activity system. This approach contrasts with the traditional corporate systems that followed a developer-centric functional design, instead starting from a UIUX perspective that prioritizes the user’s experience. The focus is on ensuring that users have a convenient and enjoyable experience when interacting with the system.

In the Hyundai MOBIS social contribution activity system, the design prioritizes providing users with a convenient and enjoyable experience through the following

Home Screen composition

Table -User case & contents: Saltcake – 2023

Providing information on social contribution activities

Designed with a UI that helps users quickly consider their time and resources by providing key information in a summarized form. The focus is on creating a narrative that users can empathize with rather than just offering simple information.

Task notification email

Designed to actively provide information to users, going beyond simple work feedback by also providing notifications about scheduled tasks. This supports users in managing and preparing for tasks more effectively.

03. Communication and Participation

CSR managers are actively considering various ways to effectively embed corporate social responsibility activities into the company culture. In this regard, Saltcake has designed a user interface (UI) that encourages participants to actively share their activity reviews and communicate with other participants. Additionally, a management system has been established to manage and coordinate participants’ ideas, emphasizing the enhancement of long-term participation and communication.

Saltcake Leading Sustainable Change

Saltcake, through its collaboration with Hyundai MOBIS, has demonstrated that sustainable corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies can go beyond theoretical concepts and be translated into practical actions. In this project, we emphasized not only building an efficient system but also creating a cyclical structure where employees voluntarily participate, and their involvement is connected to social value.

Through the development of Hyundai MOBIS’ social contribution activity platform, we showcased how corporate social responsibility can be implemented in the real world. This went beyond merely expanding the scope of social contribution activities; it was a transformative change that deeply impacted corporate culture and the work habits of employees.

Saltcake is committed to continuing collaboration with visionary companies like Hyundai MOBIS to explore sustainable approaches where businesses and society can thrive together. We will take the lead in realizing these approaches. We are confident that such efforts go beyond simple business achievements and represent crucial steps toward a better future.


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