Oh! The Augmented Cup, AR Game

The augmented cup is a platform game based on augmented reality. The idea was to improve a daily ephemeral object using augmented realty and mobile (Phone or tab). What more ephemeral and famous object than a coffee cup in Korea. Our reflection was to think about how to improve the consumer experience when he orders a coffee? How create a memorable experience to consumer? How make to give capital gain to coffee brand? How to extend the life of a basic object as coffee cup? We decided to turn a coffee cup into a video game platform. Through his phone and coffee cup, the consumer can play an augmented reality game based on platform game scenario. The game is composed by 2 levels (2side of cup), the first one, the jungle, the mission is to get all coffee beans to prepare coffee and second one, the factory is get all gear to fix grinder and prepare the coffee. Too hot? The augmented cup is a good way to refresh your hot Americano before drink it. This technology is extremely powerful because it is allows to packaging, consumer, books, magazines… to get an extended life and value for a low cost. Through a technology based on image recognition (no electronic, only print image) the application setup on smartphone or tab can transform every print into a game platform, 3d environment, interactive space, media support.


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