Skylife UX/UI

Client : Skylife

kt Skylife Web & App has been renewed and opened.

kt Skylife is a comprehensive media content platform

company that provides satellite broadcasting services.

In this renewal project, the emphasis was on

improving user convenience through customized services.





We placed the feature to request consultations

for products of interest at the bottom using a Sticky UI,

making it easily visible to users.


We enhanced user convenience and accessibility

by placing frequently accessed menus such as

self-registration, real-time scheduling,

and the shop in the Quick Menu.


셀프개통, 실시간 편성표, Shop과 같이 자주 찾는 메뉴를 Quick menu에 배치하여 사용자의 편의성과 접근성을 높였습니다.


We configured a user interface that allows users to check discount rates

and prices based on the number of channels, internet usage, and mobile data usage,

and to submit their applications, thus improving usability

Customer Centered UI

We enhanced information grouping using a card-type UI

and improved the user flow to make it easy for both

existing and new users to access.


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