Saltcake Brand Story and Advertising

In terms of creativity, we agreed with “advertisement for advertisement is redundant, so we regarded innovative advertisement as our priority. With positivity, we decided to talk about sincere stories by using various copies and calligraphy. The one-page advertisement had numerous restrictions to cover the entire message with various contents. Therefore, we discussed lots of creative ideas such as putting a concept-related song in QR which can arouse curiosity and deliver message clearly.😄

People used to express their feelings by floating messages in a bottle. Their letters are received by the people who need them. Therefore, we also want to tell our story that understands the current situation of people and arouses empathy. As the message, “Start it because I like it, but it does not mean happiness all the time”, we hope this story will give consolation to people who are in the middle of stress and make them smile.

Honestly, the upcoming deadline bothered us, we could overcome with the expectation that we can give consolation through our advertisement. We are planning to focus on multiple stories that can communicate with people. Eyes on Saltcake!


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