Saltcake Company Introduction AR Application

Saltcake AR is a mobile application for android and iOS that allows people to experience the Saltcake universe through Augmented Reality technology with a phone or a tablet.
AR증강현실을 활용한 자사 소개 어플리케이션 제작으로 보다 시각적 즐거움과 다양한 엔터테이먼트적 경험 제공


By using this immersive and interactive technology, Saltcake wants to provide fun and happiness to users by transmitting its own values and philosophy. The Saltcake Island contains many secrets spots, such as the game-center where you have to catch Saltcakers to become the king of Saltcake Island or a theater where you can watch our company movie introduction. To strengthen our brand image and show our skills, we released this Augmented Reality game with a printing campaign in magazine. We believe the Augmented Reality can improve the way that people consumes printed advertisement. With AR we can extend the border of print communication and involve the behavior of consumers by adding interactions and dynamic contents.


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