Saltcake CI Re-Branding

HCD (Human Centered Design) & UX (User eXperience) specialized company Saltcake remodels their CI and website by solidifying their identity and customer interaction. Saltcake has been regarded as the leading company in UX consulting and brand marketing for 15years. They set 2019 as a turning point with enhancing online and offline communication tools.

Saltcake removes serif and reduces spare space in its CI by maintaining former notation to create a simplified and solid image at the same time. It looks like a nuclear form as a circular coagulated saltcat.

Furthermore, Saltcake puts unbalanced symbol between L and T to embody the person who sitting on the desk and emphasizes its own creative identity which focuses on Human-Centered Design. We set “We make a brand new paradigm shift in HCD & CX/UX through Innovation and creativity” as a catchphrase that implies the goal where we aim to lead a new paradigm of HCD & CX/UX strongly.

Saltcake also remodeled its website in terms of uniformity to continue a huge range of communication with the new CI.


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