Saltcake enhances social contributations and emphasizing CSR management through collaboration with Hyundai MOBIS

Saltcake has been awarded a project to establish a ‘Social Contribution Internal Management System’ to strengthen corporate social responsibility (CSR) and foster a socially responsible and friendly corporate culture for Hyundai Mobis in support of their ESG management.

This project, developed in partnership with Hyundai Mobis, highlights the importance of ESG management and is geared towards various efforts to create social value. The goal is to enhance the management system for social contribution activities, promote employee participation, and build a system that facilitates smoother task execution.

Saltcake will utilize Customer Experience (CX) and User Experience (UX) methodologies to create an environment in which users can easily and joyfully utilize the system. Additionally, based on the accumulated expertise and multidimensional data analysis from various consulting and construction projects, Saltcake will formulate a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) integrated management system strategy tailored to Hyundai Mobis and suggest ways to enhance efficiency.

The system will be designed with scalability in mind for a long-term roadmap, with the aim of increasing transparency in social contribution activities. It is expected to effectively integrate corporate-wide CSR activities and individual CSR participation by employees, ultimately having a positive impact on the company, its employees, and society.

Saltcake will continue its efforts to improve the efficiency of CSR activities and promote individual employee CSR participation. Through this cooperation, Saltcake aims to play a leading role in supporting Hyundai Mobis’ commitment to social responsibility and contributing to the creation of social value as an exemplary company.

This collaboration is expected to help Hyundai Mobis enhance its corporate CSR activities as part of its ESG management strategy and contribute to positive interactions with society, taking into consideration employee involvement and fulfillment.


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