Saltcake, Launching the Kia Connect Store: Opening a New Mobility Era with Software

In June 2023, Saltcake announced the launch of the “Kia Connect Store,” an on-demand “Features on Demand (FoD)” service that allows customers to selectively purchase software features according to their needs, marking the beginning of the software-centric vehicle (SDV) era for the Hyundai Motor Group.

This innovative service provides customers with a smooth and flexible experience by offering various vehicle functions through subscription options and immediate purchases. The Kia Connect Store is set to become a global standard for the entire Hyundai Motor Group and will revolutionize the way customers interact with and experience their vehicles.

FoD Experience: Setting Kia Connect Store Apart

The on-demand feature (FoD) service offered by the Kia Connect Store is reshaping the automotive industry. Through this service, customers can unlock and experience various vehicle functions, leading to a personalized driving experience unlike before. FoD services, including new infotainment systems, safety features, performance enhancements, empower customers with the flexibility to choose.

Meeting Diverse Customer Needs through Experience, Subscription, or Purchase

To cater to a wide range of customer preferences and needs, the Kia Connect Store offers three different options for accessing FoD services. The Experience Pass allows customers to test specific features before deciding on a regular subscription or purchase. Through a trial period with various features, potential customers can directly experience the functionality and make informed decisions. Subscription options are cost-effective and convenient for customers looking to enjoy dynamic driving experiences and receive regular updates, while accessing new features upon release. On the other hand, the purchase option provides customers with the freedom to permanently own the selected features, allowing them to customize their vehicles to match their lifestyle and preferences. This flexibility positions Kia vehicle owners at the forefront of automotive technology and innovation.

European Consulting Project: Paving the Way for Global Mobility

In February 2023, Saltcake initiated a consulting project to integrate FoD services into the European market. This project focused on understanding the unique needs and preferences of European customers to ensure that the Kia Connect Store resonates with a diverse customer base. Saltcake paved the way for the global expansion of the Kia Connect Store and the overall mobility strategy of the Hyundai Motor Group in Europe.

Kia EV9 Launch: A Pivotal Moment for the Kia Connect Store

The launch of the Kia Connect Store is closely tied to the release of the highly anticipated Kia EV9, an all-electric vehicle that promises to innovate the driving experience. The integration of FoD services into the Kia EV9 signifies a significant step towards a more sustainable and technology-driven future in the automotive industry. Customers purchasing the Kia EV9 will have the unique opportunity to experience and fully utilize FoD services that enhance the electric driving experience in unprecedented ways.

The Road Ahead: Saltcake’s FoD Service Sets a Global Standard for the Kia Connect Store

Saltcake and the Hyundai Motor Group have set a new standard in the automotive industry with the successful launch of the Kia Connect Store. The FoD service offers a glimpse into the future of mobility, where customer preferences, technology, and innovation converge to redefine the driving experience. Expanding globally, the Kia Connect Store is innovating customer-vehicle interactions and service delivery by embracing a flexible and customer-centric approach, marking a historic milestone on our journey toward global standardization in mobility.


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