A Partnership Between Hyundai Motor and Saltcake for Global SDV Market Expansion

Hyundai Motor Group is placing software-centric vehicles (SDV) at the core of its values in anticipation of the mobility era.
In line with this, in 2023, Saltcake contributed to the successful market launch of Kia’s FoD (Features on Demand) service, the ‘Kia Connect Store’, where customers can selectively purchase software features, by undertaking the UX/UI and UX design. Additionally, Saltcake collaborated with Kia’s local subsidiaries in Europe to design user scenarios tailored to the European market environment, contributing to the expansion of Kia’s FoD service into the European market.

Following the success of Kia’s FoD service, in 2024, Saltcake is undertaking a global UX/UI standardization project to expand FoD services in the global market, focusing on Hyundai Motor’s operations in Europe and North America. Saltcake’s extensive experience in global CX/UX consulting enhances Hyundai Motor Group’s strategies and boosts its competitiveness in the global market. Through this project, Saltcake aims to provide solutions to further personalize and customize Hyundai Motor’s FoD services by reflecting the preferred user experiences of customers in each region. This effort will contribute to increasing customer satisfaction, enhancing brand loyalty, and establishing Hyundai Motor Group as a decisive global leader in the mobility era. Saltcake’s such endeavors explore new ways of combining technology and user experience and contributes to innovating the future of the automotive industry.


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