The birth of Saltcake’s new character, Salty & Cakey

The new faces of Saltcake, Salty and Cakey, have been born. Salty & Cakey are a dynamic duo active in the top CXUX consulting team. Salty is bold and courageous, while Cakey is gentle and warm. Salty brings expertise in theory and future technology, adeptly handling technical aspects and providing consulting insights to team members through strategic thinking. Cakey excels in empathy, understanding user emotions and needs, surprising the world with meticulous attention to detail. Together, they bring positive influence and inspiration to enable countless brands in the ever-evolving world of CXUX to embrace new challenges.

The characters completed official copyright registration with the Korea Copyright Commission on February 8, 2024. Your support and encouragement would be greatly appreciated to establish them as important symbols representing Saltcake’s identity. With the birth of these characters, Saltcake has laid the groundwork to become even smarter and wield more powerful force. We anticipate bringing greater joy to our clients and becoming a continuous companion by their side. Please stay tuned and look forward to the energetic and lively activities of Salty and Cakey in the future.


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