Saltcake’s new initiative, exploring UX trends: 5-minute UX

Saltcake has launched a new Instagram account (@5boon_ux) focusing on the latest UX trend analysis and insight sharing. Our goal is to support our current, and potential customers as well as many others, in developing a deeper understanding and interest in user experience.

We aim to provide valuable information to people, share expertise, and lead the industry’s development based on our capabilities in the field of user experience (UX). The goal is to help followers gain a deeper understanding and knowledge of modern UX trends and insights.

Our motivation for starting a new account: The motivation behind 5 min UX (@5boon_ux)account is to meet the demand of people who have a keen interest in understanding and grasping the latest trends. Additionally, with the increasing relevance of digital transformation related professions and interests, we decided to use social media as a means to easily broadcast our insight and information to the public. Through this, we aim to strengthen the relationship between UX and people and showcase our position and leadership within our industry.

Our objective/goal: Through 5min UX (@5boon_ux) Instagram account, we aim to help customers and people develop a deeper understanding of the modern user experience. We continuously monitor the latest trends and insights and seek to expand knowledge by sharing them with our followers. Furthermore, this will be an opportunity to promote our company’s expertise to a wider audience.

We are now ready to share our insights through the new Instagram page. Join us and follow for the journey of growth with Saltcake 5boon_ux community. Thank you!


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