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In the world of online shopping, customer experience is key to brand success. With the COVID-19 pandemic highlighting the importance of online experience, LG.com decided to strengthen its brand competitiveness in the digital space with a global CXUX overhaul project.
To this end, LG and Saltcake teamed up to redefine the customer experience for LG.com, which operates in 72 countries around the world, to provide localized services and create a unified brand experience globally.

LG Electronics is a global electronics manufacturer and the world's No. 1 consumer electronics company by revenue in 2022. LG Electronics is divided into the Home Appliance & Air Solution (H&A) division, which is responsible for home appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, and air purifiers; the Home Entertainment (HE) division, which is responsible for TVs and audio; the Vehicle component Solutions (VS) division, which is responsible for automotive electronics; and the Business Solutions (BS) division, which is responsible for digital signage, monitors, and PC laptops. Recently, LG Electronics has been looking forward to connecting and expanding customer experiences such as home, mobility, commercial, and virtual spaces instead of remaining a leading global home appliance brand.

The experience of online shopping is sometimes a mixture of surprise and disappointment. We often visit the websites of our favorite brands and are delighted to discover new products or a brand we didn’t know existed. At the same time, however, we are often disappointed by the difficulty of finding products or the lack of adequate product descriptions and customer support.

The COVID-19 pandemic, which lasted from 2020 to 2022, highlighted the importance of this online experience. During this time, consumers’ evaluations of brands were heavily influenced by their online experience, rather than the interior or service quality of their brick-and-mortar stores. In particular, a global issue like COVID-19 posed both a greater business crisis and an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage for companies around the world.

Against this backdrop, LG, the world’s No. 1 home appliance sales company, wanted to further enhance its brand’s competitiveness by modernizing LG.com, which operates in 72 countries around the world. To achieve this goal, LG selected Saltcake as its partner for a global CX/UX overhaul and UX design project. With Saltcake, LG set out to re-evaluate the customer experience from multiple perspectives, and to identify and refine improvements through multiple methodologies.

Effective communication with collaborative leadership

The success of this project starts with effective communication with the various stakeholders involved in improving the customer experience on LG.com. In the early stages of the project, we prioritized establishing close collaboration with key players, including LG’s relevant departments, decision-making executives, overseas subsidiaries, and sector partners.
Accordingly, we adjusted our communication methods and leadership styles to meet the individual needs and circumstances of each stakeholder, and adopted a customized approach that took into account the characteristics of each region and department. This, in turn, contributed significantly to gaining their active participation and support.

01. Weekly/Daily Scrums and Global Roadshows

Through regular Scrum meetings, we quickly identified issues and requirements arising from each business unit and region and sought solutions. We also shared the direction of the project, key requirements, and gathered feedback through global roadshows in the U.S. for entities in each region. This direct communication played an important role in establishing a global strategy that met the unique needs and expectations of each region.

02. Utilizing a variety of collaboration tools

To ensure effective communication, we actively utilized various digital collaboration tools.
We used Figma for real-time design collaboration, MS Teams for remote meetings, and various other cloud-based tools to connect and collaborate with our globally dispersed teams in real time. This greatly increased the efficiency of the project and helped us to quickly incorporate requirements and feedback from different regions and cultures.

03. UX Design Workshops : LG Electronics USA

The Design Sync Up workshop with LG Electronics USA was an important milestone, as we had in-depth discussions about brand identity and design standards, which laid the foundation for delivering a consistent brand experience globally.

Design Worksync in New Jersey : Saltcake and LG US

A strategic approach to customer experience design: from conversion to support

The project aims to roll out global standardized UX/UI policies and guidelines across 72 countries and has four main challenges: 1) improve conversion rates, 2) incorporate new customer service strategies, 3) differentiate top brand products, and 4) apply new brand communication guidelines. In response, Saltcake’s UXUI consultants and UX designers worked together to create hypotheses of the specific customer journey process and evaluate visualized prototypes.

< Hypothesis Approach Mapping >

01. Customer-centered UX/UI improvement strategy

LG.com’s UX/UI revamp began with a customer-centric approach. To this end, we conducted market research on competitors and consumer behavior analysis to understand the needs and behavior patterns of various customers. In particular, we analyzed the entire process from product exploration to purchase decision in detail, and reorganized the Information Architecture, UI Flow, and UI Structure in a way that enhances customer experience. During this process, user experience experts and designers worked closely together to design optimized user experiences for each step.

CX & UI Flow Mapping  :Saltcake

02. Strategic UI design to increase conversion rates

To increase conversion rates, we carefully analyzed how customers browse products and make purchase decisions. We improved the UI to provide easy access to key information needed to make a purchase, such as product features and details, prices, reviews, and product comparisons. We also streamlined the checkout process and optimized the mobile user experience to improve accessibility across devices.
One of the biggest changes we’ve made is to separate the product details from the purchase service, which allows customers to be more fully immersed in the product and makes the shopping experience more convenient.

03. Improved customer support and interaction

Accessibility to customer support was one of the most important aspects of LG.com’s UXUI overhaul. We designed three types of UI to make it easy for customers to get support anytime, anywhere.

CX & UI Flow Mapping : Saltcake

With this customer support UI, LG.com was able to achieve the following results.

First, ‘Situational Support’ can contribute to responding quickly to customer inquiries and providing effective solutions by enabling customers to respond to various scenarios they may encounter while using the product.
Second, “always-on support” allows customers to resolve issues without being redirected to another page. This can contribute to higher conversion rates by ensuring an uninterrupted experience for customers when they encounter checkout or technical issues, preventing potential abandonment.
Finally, by actively utilizing the feedback collected through ‘Improving Customer Support’ for product development and service improvement, you can pursue customer-centric sustainable development.

A key guide to a viable implementation strategy: design prototypes

Saltcake’s expertise and creativity were evident in LG.com’s UX/UI overhaul project, where we went beyond mere consulting to provide in-depth insights and guidance for the actual implementation process. At the end of the project, Saltcake systematically analyzed LG’s key product lineup and segmented customer journeys to present advanced design prototypes, which went beyond just aesthetic interfaces to reflect the unique characteristics of each product and detailed usage patterns of users, providing solutions to various situations that real users might encounter.

Alongside these prototypes, Saltcake also developed comprehensive design guidelines, which served to prevent potential issues during the build phase, unify communication between teams, and help them understand the needs of different cultures and markets.


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