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Hyundai Motor, as a leading player in the hydrogen commercial vehicle market, aimed to reevaluate its online strategy. To initiate this success, Saltcake redefined the global customer journey and prepared a guide for the content strategy.

Hyundai Motor Company exports automobiles to more than 200 countries and has set up global production bases. The company is at the forefront of the mobility industry with its advanced autonomous driving and connectivity technologies, and it has broken new ground by launching the world’s first mass-produced hydrogen vehicle as well as the luxury brand GENESIS. Hyundai Motor Company’s brand vision is “progress for humanity.” It aims to carry this out by developing innovative technologies and seeking a better way forward for humankind.

Hyundai Motor, leading the hydrogen commercial vehicle market

In the midst of the global movement to address climate change, the automotive industry stands at a significant turning point. Hyundai Motor is positioning itself as a leader in the hydrogen society, aiming for carbon neutrality by 2045, and accelerating its electrification strategy to achieve this goal. Beyond battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs), Hyundai is striving to establish a leading position in the field of hydrogen-powered commercial vehicles.

As part of these strategic efforts, Hyundai, which has steadily grown in the global market since the launch of the world’s first hydrogen-powered vehicle in 2013, is expanding its market share in the commercial vehicle sector by leveraging the advantages of hydrogen fuel cells. However, the current situation, where information about commercial electric vehicles is scattered, hinders accessibility for international customers and affects the brand’s integrated marketing strategy.

To address this and improve the situation, Hyundai Motor initiated a pre-consulting project to provide detailed information about hydrogen commercial vehicles through its website, foster positive opinions, and explore ways to strengthen marketing communication. The goal of this project was to provide guidelines for the redesign of the website, enabling Hyundai to firmly establish its leadership in the hydrogen commercial vehicle sector and effectively promote business expansion.

Redefining Global Customer Journeys and Expanding Digital Communication

In the pre-consulting phase for website redesign, we established two key objectives. The first task was to redefine the customer journey, based on which we aimed to formulate a channel influx strategy centered around user experience and an effective content strategy. The second task involved providing clear guidelines for website structure through market research and content analysis. This approach significantly contributed to swift decision-making and efficient content preparation.

The goal of this project is to enhance awareness of hydrogen-powered commercial vehicles and strengthen the interest and engagement of potential customers and current users. Accordingly, we have segmented the customer experience journey (CXJ) into three key target groups: Potential Buyers (B2B Fleet), Product Owners (B2B Fleet), and Individual Users (Soho Biz). Through this segmentation, the aim is to provide tailored content and features that align with the characteristics and needs of each group, fostering effective communication and engagement.

CX Strategy Development Process in Hyundai’s ECV Web 2.0 : Saltcake and LG US

Furthermore, we focused on strategic content development across each stage of the Customer Experience Journey (CXJ), aiming to enhance customer engagement throughout the journey. This approach went beyond merely providing information and instead focused on intentional strategies for customer participation and relationship building.

01. Branded Contents

In the first stage, we aimed to capture the interest of potential customers through storytelling-centered branded communication that establishes the brand’s credibility and highlights the uniqueness of the product. This included content showcasing Hyundai Motor’s in-depth understanding of the hydrogen commercial vehicle sector and its strong position in the market.

02. Communication Contents

Secondly, we prioritized maintaining ongoing conversations with existing customers through communication content. This involved placing emphasis on various digital platforms that enable real-time updates, collect user feedback, and facilitate interaction to build deep relationships with customers. In this process, success stories from pilot projects, market trends, and stories about technological innovations were shared to encourage customer engagement.

03. Richness of Contents

Finally, to enrich the customer experience, we devised a rich content strategy. This strategy emphasized allowing customers to directly experience Hyundai Motor’s innovative technology through features such as a 3D viewer and interactive videos, creating a positive impression of the brand.

Planned strategies for a successful redesign

Pre-consultation for website redesign goes beyond a mere strategic approach in the digital environment. It provides clear guidelines for the implementation for direction of service and content provision. This process enhances the efficiency of website redesign and contributes to achieving the set goals.

Saltcake excels in problem-solving alongside clients based on its expertise in UX, UI, and design, as well as its understanding of the market. In the current project with Hyundai Motor, the journey went beyond simple design changes. It aimed to strengthen a leading position in the hydrogen commercial vehicle market and expand connections with more customers in the global market.


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