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Progress for Humanity

We develop mobility solutions that not only make cars run faster and more efficiently but also cleaner and more sustainably. The global transition to clean energy has already begun and it’s our goal to help make energy sources like hydrogen economically viable. We want to do the right thing for humanity by providing freedom of movement in a sustainable way. 

Hyundai Worldwide UX Design

Client : Hyundai Motors

Hyundai Motor is expanding its role as a smart mobility solution provider by investing in mobility services.

Through this project, they aim to enhance their brand fan base by incorporating various content and support for country-specific sales linkage.

Full Layout Image

Full Layout Image

The content was delivered with a focus on a full layout

and a variety of Hyundai’s images and videos.

Dynamic interactions were employed to capture the user’s attention

Module System

Module System

We designed the site with a modular layout, considering future content updates and scalability, to ensure efficient operation.

Our goal was to maintain the intended tone and manner throughout the delivery.


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