Saltcake, The Best Advertising of Di Magazine

Saltcake was nominated by “corporate advertisement of the month” selected by Monthly Di.

Since Korean Thanksgiving is in the last week of the month, they referred renowned Korean Thanksgiving phrase, “Just like the Thanksgiving” and converted it into their own words with calligraphy, “Just like the salary day”.

Work and Life Balance is becoming a new lifestyle, but most of the workers are having dilemmas between money and time. Therefore, “salary day” in calligraphy may give consolation and make them be cheery.

Furthermore, Saltcake includes QR that plays songs harmonized with an advertisement, which can provide the opportunity to narrow the gap between readers and advertisement. They used the song, “Vanishing Paycheck” by Stella Jang this month.

According to Saltcake, “even though it is time-consuming, we expect more positive influence than before and put more effort on communication through various stories.”



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