Caker’s Day: September 2023



September 2023’s Caker’s Day was especially memorable as it coincided with the Chuseok holiday. This time, we spent precious moments together, enjoying delicious meals and team-building activities alongside special gifts in celebration of Chuseok. This special day held significant meaning for our team.

As we exchanged Chuseok gifts, we shared our gratitude with each other, creating joyful moments during the shared meal. Additionally, through team-building activities, we deepened our connections and strengthened the harmonious and strong bond within our team.

This Caker’s Day, combined with the Chuseok holiday, brought immense joy to everyone. These moments spent together will remain cherished memories for our team, igniting vitality and passion for future challenges. We will strive to achieve better teamwork and accomplishments based on these shared experiences.

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