All new Business card!

Saltcake proceeds to improve its brand marketing based on recent CI trends. Not only the website, but they also remodeled their business card that gives a good first impression and shows the brand’s identity clearly. We expect to form solid and sincere relationships through this new business card.

Saltcake Re-Branding! HCD & CX/UX Consultancy

Saltcake is the company that endeavors to lead brand equity and provides ideal brand experience to their clients and customers with their various know-how in the industry. Based on differentiated brand and marketing strategies in the drastic marketing environment, Saltcake tries to cover the entire process including creative ideas, modern technologies. Saltcake constantly proves its …

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Saltcake CI Re-Branding

HCD (Human Centered Design) & UX (User eXperience) specialized company Saltcake remodels their CI and website by solidifying their identity and customer interaction. Saltcake has been regarded as the leading company in UX consulting and brand marketing for 15years. They set 2019 as a turning point with enhancing online and offline communication tools. Saltcake removes …

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WINA Festival Jury, Interactive Category Jury 2018

Executive Creative Director in Saltcake, Youngri Kim was appointed the first Korean Jury in WINA (World Independent Advertising Awards). WINA is the renowned Advertising festival where judges worldwide independent advertisements and Luis Miguel Messianu (CEO and founder of Alma DDB) and Michael Chao (Marketing Manager of Walmart China) have participated as Juries. Youngri Kim was …

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